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    Electric California

    Electric California is a premium sunglass, snow goggle, and accessories company that has been rocking since 2000.

    Electric is defined by its iconic volt logo and has deep roots in action sports, music and fashion. Surf legends Luke Egan, Matt Hoy, Dave Rastovich, and Ozzie Wright have been Electric since day one, as have snow legends Peter Line and Axel Pauporte.

    Over the last decade, Electric has produced some of the most unique and innovative designs in the sunglass market. Electric's high voltage sunglass styles are team inspired and reflect the attitude and personalities of today's youth culture. Electric snow goggles are world renowned for their high level of quality and their performance.

    The snow team is lead by snowboard X-games Gold medalists; Andreas Wiig, Jaime Anderson, and freestyle skier Tanner Rainville.

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