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    Kids Snowboards

    The best days on the mountain include everyone, especially your little one. The beginner-friendly combos are for the small kiddos that want to start snowboarding and quickly learn the basics. These boards are just right for the little shredders and are hard to pass up.

    Start your ambitious thrill seeker on the right foot with the After School Special pre-mounted package, the best deal going for a board and binding all in one; just grab the package and go! The Chicklet is directed towards the small girls looking to ride and show up those boys. This board is perfect for girls to learn the basics quickly and safely. If your little shredder has been skiing and wants to transition to one stick, the Chopper is another great option. The basic, flat profile from nose to tail allows your little one extra stability for better balance and board control. The Chicklet and the Chopper have catch-free convex bases and the softest flex possible so that even the lightest weight riders can ace turning and stopping. If your little one is not very little but still too small for the adult boards, check out the other smaller options ranging from 139cm to 145cm we have to offer.

    Kids can learn anything quick and with out fear when they are young; why not get them started on the right path with these many options for kids snowboards!

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